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Nelly's adventures began at twenty-four when she left France and her mother's ice cream parlor to follow her passion for sailing. She ended up in the Virgin Islands working as an hostess on a luxury charter boat, preparing french desserts and sailing tourists through the Caribbean.

A few year later she settled in California and started a lunch cafe and catering business with a business partner where she served as CFO for five years. Life changes brought about relocating to Marin County with her daughter, and new opportunities for her to cultivate her passion for food and business.  

​In November 2014, Nelly worked on her business plan, branding and target demographics and decided to open her own catering business with the help of Renaissance (entrepreneurship). 

In March 2017, Nelly opened the doors of a brand new prep kitchen and "A Lunch In A Box" store on 4th Street in San Rafael.


Come visit! 

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